Can you really make money taking surveys from home or is it a scam?

I know what you’re thinking. You want to find out if this site is legit or not. Is it a scam site or not? You would like it to be the real deal. Authentic, not a fraud.

You would just love for someone to actually and legitimately help you make some extra money on the side.

I have good news for you. Here’s the truth: Paid Surveys are legit. You really can fill out surveys at home and get paid.

Here’s what’s NOT legit: PAYING for a paid survey service. Most "paid survey" websites ask you to pay for their service. Need proof?

That’s where we’re different. We will NEVER ask you to pay us for access to our paid survey service.

So how do we make money to pay for maintaining our website and service? There’s a sneaky little back-door secret about the market research industry that you need to know. I’ll get to that in a minute.

But first let me make sure that you understand how Paid Surveys work and assure you that they are legit. This has been true for centuries: big companies want to know exactly what you, the consumer, really want in new products and services. Otherwise they just lose money creating products that you won’t buy.

So the way they find out is by hiring market research firms like National Consumer Panel or Ipsos to find consumers like you and me to answer surveys about their products and our buying habits.

That’s where YOU come in. If you’re willing to spend some time filling out surveys online you can benefit from the rewards that the market research companies give to keep you answering surveys. Often it’s cash, sometimes it’s “points” that you can exchange for cash and prizes, sometimes it’s gift cards to popular stores or movie tickets or things like that. Sometimes it’s sweepstakes entries. It just depends.

How do you get started? You need two things:

1. Access to the market research companies

2. Training on the best ways to make paid surveys really work

That’s where we come in. We give you both. For free.

Why? Simple. Remember that sneaky little secret that I said you need to know? This is it: the market research companies are so motivated to get in touch with you, the consumer, that they pay us to find you.

That’s how we can give you a membership for free. They pay us a small finder’s fee to find you. So you never pay us. We guarantee that.

So here’s what we commit to you: We will connect you with only REAL market research companies. There are a lot of frauds out there. We’ve prescreened those out for you. We will also train you about the best practices for making paid surveys work for you. For instance, it’s critical how you register as a panelist. We show you how to do that and reveal many other insider tips that you’ll never get elsewhere.

Here’s what you do: register for our free service above. You’ll get immediate access to our members area where you will see all the best market research companies where you can become a panelist. Come back often because some of them close to new panelists and then reopen later. Next, you’ll receive our training in bite-sized pieces over the next few days. We’ll deliver it to you via email.

Register above and you can get started immediately.

  • How do I get paid?

    When you sign up as a panelist for survey companies, they send you surveys for your demographic (your age, gender, marital status, etc.). You fill out the surveys and then they pay you directly, either by check, PayPal or gift cards (like Amazon or Visa).

  • Why would anyone pay me for just filling out surveys?

    Market Research companies pay out millions per year for surveys to find out what people like YOU want. You will be helping to shape the products and services companies will bring to market.

  • What's in it for you? Why would you do this?

    We like to be 100% upfront and honest and treat people how we would want to be treated. We get paid by the marketing research firms to find panelists for them. They value your opinion enough to pay us to find YOU.

  • What are the risks to me, the survey-taker?

    Always check the privacy policy of any "marketing research" company you sign up with. Many are fakes that just end up spamming you. We do not do business with any of those. Our list is safe.

  • How much can I expect to make?

    That depends on how much you want to work. If you want to spend 20 minutes a day and make an extra $1000 a month, this isn't for you. It's going to require a greater time investment than that. Making an extra $200 to 500 is not unreasonable. Some members are making over $1000 per month but they are doing focus group work also (which we show you how to do).

  • Do I have to give my credit card info to anyone?

    No. Not to us and not to any of the Survey companies we represent. Any Marketing Research company that asks you for money is not legit. You will not find any of those companies in our list.

  • What's the catch?

    No catch. You get a free membership to Survey Money Machine and we connect you to the best paying survey companies online. And we don't just leave you there. We train you and give you all the ins and outs of how to maximize your earnings with online surveys.

  • Will I get rich?

    No. And anyone who tells you otherwise is selling something. You won't make millions of dollars doing this. But if you're looking for a way to make a few hundred extra a month, taking surveys at home can do that for you.

  • Will you spam me?

    Absolutely not. We hate spam and will never spam you. We will never sell or rent your email address to anyone. We stand by our privacy policy 100%. You can read it here. (By the way, there are other free paid survey sites out there that spam you like crazy and sell your information anyone who pays them for it--please read all privacy policies before signing up at any of those sites)

  • How do I get started?

    Easy. Just complete the signup form at the top of the page. We will match you with market research companies that are looking for new paid panelists.