Anti-Spam Policy

We HATE spam. Spam, or unsolicited commercial email, which has not been requested by the recipient is a huge problem on the Internet. If you have reached this website as a result of any form of spam advertising, please keep reading - we can help make it stop.

Spam is a Problem

Spammers often promote "legitimate anti-spam" websites similar to ours, in an attempt to receive affiliate or referral commissions for registrations and/or sales that are generated. Unfortunately, no one is spared on the Internet. Even large websites like,, etc. have to deal with this problem.

Email Advertising

Here at Survey Money Machines, we do not do any type of email advertising at all - the only emails we send are to our existing members in response to their inquiries, etc.

Before promoting our website via email, all affiliates and partners are required to contact us and get approval. We make sure that they are only mailing to legitimate opt-in lists and that their ads and mailings are fully compliant with the Federal CanSpam Act of 2003.

Any affiliate that promotes our website via email without prior approval is instantly terminated.

Our No Spam Policy

Zero-tolerance. We do not allow spamming and will take legal action to stop those who engage in spam activities.

Our affiliates and partners are fully aware of this. Those who are caught doing so will have their relationship with us immediately terminated.

Contact Us if You Are Being Spammed

If you have any information about our website being promoted via Spam, especially an email you have received, please contact us right away. You can email us directly at hailey[at] so we can take care of it.