Be Lazy. It Pays! (When You Take Surveys for Money)

With the cost of living getting higher everyday, it's no wonder that people today are getting smarter about finding more ways to earn extra money. And now with the Internet, finding ways to make money at home has never been easier. One opportunity people can grab is to take surveys for money.

You might be asking how you would earn cash by just taking surveys. Well, companies all over the world conduct research to find out what today's buying trends are. This research usually comes in the form of surveys. They ask people to answer the surveys, and pay them generous payouts in return.

Don't think that answering surveys to earn money is a lame job. Your opinions are valuable. You, as a survey taker, represent the needs of the consumer. With these surveys, you can tell these companies what you want ,what the people need!

Now, if you are asking how much would you get from taking paid surveys, I'll tell you that it pays enough to have additional money for yourself and your family. The surveys you take pay at around $5 each ,that could be $500 to $1500 a month for you depending on how many you take! That's not bad at all, since you are answering these surveys in the comfort of your own home.

The process of taking surveys starts with signing up with legitimate marketing research sites. You can get a free list of these companies at sites like (quick note here,don't pay for this service,many sites charge you $34.95 or more for a list of paying survey sites, but Survey Money Machine give away the list for free). Don't freak out if you are asked to provide your personal information. Legitimate survey sites will need you to put in your profile like your name, age, address, etc. Just a reminder though, if a site asked you to provide your credit card information or to pay any amount, don't!

After you have signed up and created your profile, you just have to wait for surveys to come. They will be sent to you through the email address you provided. While you are waiting, sign up with as many survey companies as possible in order to be eligible for more surveys. The kind of surveys that you receive will be based on your profile, so every question will be relevant to you. The best surveys are closed just hours within the time of opening so it's good to check your email often and answer them soon.

For every survey you take, a corresponding point value will be given to you. The amount depends on the paid survey company you are affiliated with. Many surveys for money sites allow you to cash those points out once you reach a total of $100. Some give you the option to cash it out or turn them into gift certificates or gift cards.

Seriously, taking paid surveys is a huge opportunity to earn extra money from home. It is also something you can be proud of because you get to voice your opinions about the way products are designed. It's a great feeling to know that, in the comfort of your own home, you are helping to improve products we all use. Plus you get to earn money!

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