Do Not Give Any Paid Survey Company Your Credit Card Information!

You hear that you can make money filling out surveys online so you start searching around for the most popular sites that offer this opportunity. To your delight there are many of them out there, far too many for you to ever explore in one night. You get busy signing up for memberships to some of them and discover that they want you to reveal personal information including your credit card number, full name, and postal address.

If you stop filling out the application form at this point, you have done well! Sites that allow you to make money filling out surveys online do need to ask some basic information about yourself to determine which surveys you qualify for, but the information should be basic such as your age range, gender, and general geographic location.

You should never have to give out your full name, social security number, home address, phone number, or credit card information just to make money filling out surveys online. Sites that ask for this type of information are not interested in paying you for your opinions. Their real interests are not in your favor at all.

Spam Campaigns

Some websites will claim to offer an opportunity to make money filling out surveys online, but they are actually collecting email addresses so they can launch massive spam campaigns. They may have some limited opportunities for you to fill out some surveys on their site, but you aren't going to make much money from them and whether they actually ever pay you or not is sketchy.

Surveys vs. Free Offers

There is a big difference between an opportunity to make money filling out surveys and the opportunity to sign up for free offers (which will of course lead to future financial obligations if you don't cancel on time). You should get paid for your time and your opinions when you fill out a survey with no strings attached. When you sign up for a free trial you are agreeing to try a product for someone else.

Many sites that ask for personal information during the registration process are actually earning their money by getting people like you to sign up for free trial offers from a variety of different businesses. While there may be a limited opportunity to make money filling out surveys on the site, the majority of the opportunities presented to you will be sign-ups for trial products.

Some people do make some money signing up for these trials, but they have to carefully document everything they sign up for so they can go back and cancel the subscriptions before their credit card starts getting charged for items beyond the trial. They are also allowing their credit card information to be passed around to many different people, increasing their risk of financial and identity theft.

You don't want to make money for someone else! You are looking for the opportunity to make money filling out paid surveys, not to sign up for products and websites to the benefit of someone else. Look for sites like where you can get a completely free list of legitimate survey sites and you will save yourself tons of time and quite a few headaches!

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