Find Out How To Earn A Living by Taking Surveys Online Each Day

by Hailey Gates

Have you ever come across a website that tells you that you could be making $150 a day taking surveys with them? Do they want to charge you $35 or more for their list of survey companies? If you've seen these, then you should learn the difference between the hype and the reality. Can you earn $150 a day taking surveys online? The reality is yes, you can. The hype is that it's not quite as easy as those websites lead you to believe.

There are many home business reviews out there of survey companies, however in this article I will work on answering the question that many people have, which is, "Can I really make $150 a day taking surveys on the Internet?"

The basic answer to that question is "Yes!" You really can make that much from taking online surveys, however you will find out how to join the top 20 or 30 legit survey companies that have been proven to pay, and you will have to put in a considerable amount of work. Fortunately, you can find those top survey companies for free, without having to pay the $35 that other sites charge, at

One thing you should do before you start registering at the survey companies is create an email address that you will use solely for survey mail. You might not want to use your personal email because you will be getting a lot of survey requests and you might want to keep them separate from your personal emails.

Once you've gotten yourself a new email address (you can get one free at or, you will need to do some research on forums and work-from-home sites to find out which bsurvey companies have paid their users before. To get answers try posting something with the title "Are paid survey companies legit?" Inside the article/post make sure to ask what sites they would recommend to you and what sites they've actually received payment from. You do not want to take the chance of putting in work with companies that haven't sent out checks or that take longer than 6 weeks to send out payments.

Once you've found survey sites that have worked for people you will need to create your own account. The only way that you will be making $150 by taking surveys online is by getting many survey invites and then successfully qualifying to get paid for taking it. To do this, make sure to put that you have all sorts of interests and that people in all the age ranges live in your household. If you are very conservative you will not get many survey invites and if you do, you will not qualify for them.

Also note that you need to subscribe to their email notices so that you get emails with invites everyday instead of having to go to the site yourself everyday to check if there's anything new for you to take.

Can you really make $150 a day taking surveys on the Internet? The answer is yes, if you throw in a couple of focus groups a week and a high-paying phone interview or two. Give it a try for yourself to prove to yourself that it is a way to make very nice monthly income. Once you start, stick with it and fill out lots of surveys. Survey companies send out most of their invitations to people whom have been with them for a long time and have filled out almost every survey they've sent them.

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