Get Paid to Fill Out Surveys? Are You Kidding Me?

When told that they can get paid to fill out surveys online, most people react with surprise and a fair bit of skepticism. The skepticism is well deserved since so many of the survey sites out there do not present a real opportunity to earn any real income. Yet, the surprise comes later on when they learn that there are some other sites out there that do offer a sincere opportunity to make money in your free time.

You can identify sites that are bad news easily. Most will over exaggerate the amount of money that can be made on the site and others may claim that you can earn money on the side without doing much work. Some of these websites have sales pages that can be quite convincing because they play on your emotions and desperation, but keep your senses and think about the claims realistically.

Do you really think you are going to be paid $150 an hour just to sign into some website and click out answers to simple surveys? If that were what it was really like to get paid to fill out surveys everyone in the world would be doing it as a full-time living!

What you can realistically expect to earn is around $300-700 a month, depending on what survey site you take advantage of and how much time you devote to the process. You will have to work for every dollar that you do earn and it tends to vary from one week to another depending on how many surveys you qualify to take and how much time you have to invest in it.

When checking into sites that claim you can get paid to fill out surveys make sure they pass all of these little checks:

  • They tell you clearly how much you will be paid for every survey you take. Even if pay varies from one survey to another you should know before you complete it how much you will be compensated.
  • They pay you for every survey you take part in, rather than determining if you qualify after you do the work.
  • They pay consistently on a given day of the week or month.
  • You do not have to earn substantial amounts of money before a payout can be approved.
  • You should be paid online through Paypal or another reputable service.

If you look into these things you will be able to weed out many of the scams while narrowing down the sites that allow you to legitimately get paid to fill out paid surveys.

When you do this for extra income you should know upfront what each survey will pay and you should be paid on a regular basis, no matter how much or how little work you do that week or month. You should also be paid online through a well known, respectable service, rather than waiting on paper checks that may or may not actually go through the bank.

One completely free resource for legitimate online survey sources is They have a free guide to the best opportunities that pay you real money to take surveys and do similar tasks.

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