Instant Paid Surveys Exposed!

Instant Paid Surveys is a membership website that charges its members $34.95 for them to have access to the company's directory of paid survey sites. Let me be very clear that Instant Paid Surveys is not a legitimate paid surveys company. They mostly offer sites that want you to buy stuff and just pretend to be paid survey companies.

Aside from the two reasons I mentioned above, here are more setbacks! That's why I do not recommend Instant Paid Surveys to anyone:

  1. The list of paid survey sites is absolutely free; you need not to pay anyone just to get it. Many websites are giving free lists that are really good and legitimate like Survey Money Machines .

  2. Instant Paid Surveys sounds too good to be true; their claims are just full of enticing words. Here is an example, I got it from their site:

    Exaggerated Cash Calculation

    Your eyes might have popped out when you saw the $40,320 per year. This looks great but is obviously ridiculous! It is really absurd to make 40 thousand dollars in a year by just answering surveys. WHY? Because you don't normally get a lot of $20 surveys unless you've proven yourself and done a lot of lower paying ones. That way you EARN the right to get the higher paying ones. And this can happen, but it doesn't happen immediately.

  3. Check out their Privacy Policy, they’re spammy!

    Selling Of Information

     Unsolicited Spam

    So my bottom line here -STAY AWAY FROM INSTANT PAID SURVEYS! I’d rather recommend you to join Focus Groups which basically is a group of people brought together and meeting in a secured room in the Internet that discuss and share particular study needs.

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