Is There a Free Way to Make Money Doing Surveys?

If you want to make money doing paid surveys, you may have stumbled across some websites that promise to give you that opportunity for a "small" fee. They try to build you up with hope and big expectations by making huge claims that you will make hundreds and sometimes even thousands of dollars in a very short period of time. They will sometimes even go as far as to say you don't have to work much to get those hundreds or thousands of dollars.

If all of the bells go off in your head when you read sites like this, congratulations! These sites are preying on people who are either desperate to find a lucrative money-earning opportunity online or who want to make some extra cash in their free time and are willing to pay a little in hopes of making more.

In virtually all cases you will get very little in return for that initial "small fee." The opportunity to make tons of money in exchange for very little work just isn't out there today. If you want to make money doing surveys you will have to see past all the hype set up by these dishonest sites and be willing to put in some honest work for your pay.

Of course, filling out surveys isn't hard, grueling work. It is work, but it is also a lot of fun to give your opinions or answer brief questions about your spending patterns, ideas, and experiences. If you fit within company's target market they will pay you for this type of information because it helps them design effective marketing campaigns and change their products to make customers like you happy.

Of course, they are willing to pay you for your opinions but you have to find them first. You won't find them through sites that ask you to pay for your membership, but there are some completely free survey sites which will give you complete access to survey opportunities without charging you first.

For an example of one completely free site, check out They give you information about completely free, legitimate opportunities to make money doing surveys online. There are some other resources that will do the same thing, but this site is a good jumping off point to help you see what is out there today.

Remember, you are searching for opportunities that pay you, rather than asking you to pay them first. If they have legitimate surveys that need filled out for legitimate businesses, they will fill you in on how to participate without charging you! If a site asks for your money before they will give you any information or allow you to participate, turn and run.

There are too many legitimate sites that will allow you to make money doing surveys to waste your time on those who just want to take your money. You can make money online by having fun filling out surveys in your spare time, but you have to seek out the legitimate opportunities to make the most money possible.

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