Make Money from Surveys: What I Know that You Don't Know

Anyone can make money from surveys online today, but it is also true that anyone can waste a lot of time trying unsuccessfully to make money from paid surveys online. What you may know right now is that it is possible to make some extra cash online, but what you may not know is where to find the legitimate sites that pay real cash for surveys, how to make sure you qualify for enough surveys to earn a good bit of money, and how to manage your time so that you earn more and waste less.

I know all of these things. Are you ready to learn as well?

Finding the Opportunities

The first thing you have to do in order to make money from surveys online is weed out the legitimate opportunities to the scams. You want to immediately reject all sites which:

  • Promise a large amount of money in a very short period of time.
  • Make it sound as if you can sit back and make money for doing nothing.
  • Require a membership fee to join.

You aren't going to get rich completing surveys, but you can realistically make a nice amount of extra cash each month to help toward bills, groceries, or just to purchase luxury items you currently can't afford.

In order to find the legitimate opportunities that will deliver real surveys without charging you anything, look at the list provided by They will help you go directly to the real money-making opportunities.

How to Qualify

In order to make money from surveys you have to qualify for a large number of them. Companies have these surveys completed as a form of market research. They only want to hear from people who are within their target market, which means you aren't going to qualify for every single one of them on every single site you find.

The best way to qualify for as many surveys as possible is to be completely honest when you fill out the personal information when you first sign up for a site. This information is used to determine whether you are the right target market to take different surveys. Be completely honest with this information, though you also want to make sure to stretch it so you qualify for as many different categories as possible.

You should never be asked your social security number or other financial information to qualify for surveys. The information should be centered instead on your age range, general geographic location, gender, and other types of basic information.

Managing Your Time

Tie management is extremely important if you are to make money from surveys rather than just wasting time. You should complete as many surveys as possible when you first start out, but with time you should be able to tell which surveys are going to be more work than their payout amount is actually worth.

At that point, rather than filling out every survey that comes your way you will want to only spend time on those that pay enough to be worth the time. You will also cut out survey sites that require too much time digging through surveys and free offers to find those that you qualify and actually get paid enough for.

Now you know part of what I know...get out there and use it to make money from surveys!

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