Making Money from Surveys: The Truth, The Lies, And The Facts

There is a ton of information circulating online regarding people who are making money from surveys. If read some of the firsthand stories of people who supposedly have turned their lives around by answering surveys you would think it's the easiest, fastest get rich scheme ever to be developed. Then you read claims on some of the websites and you get excited. You think it's possible to get rich by answering questions about your own opinions and financial habits.

But wait a second...if it's so easy to get rich doing this, why isn't everyone doing it? If you are getting a bit skeptical about making money from surveys, you are very smart to go searching for answers. There is some good in here at the end, but you have to sort out the bad first.

The Truth

Here's the great news: there are many people making money from surveys right now! Every week someone collects a paycheck from answering questions about their spending habits, beliefs, and personal opinions. This is money they enjoy receiving because they didn't have to work very hard to get it but it will be a tremendous help in making ends meet around the house.

The truth about making money from surveys is that it can be done. You just aren't going to get filthy rich doing this. Depending on the amount of time you invest in answering the surveys you can reasonably make between $100 and $700 a month answering surveys for legitimate sites, such as those featured on the free list from

This could be a nice amount of extra money to make life more comfortable, but it isn't likely to pay your mortgage and all the other bills on a consistent basis.

The Lies

There are plenty of lies about making money from surveys. Some websites try to get you to pay a steep membership fee by promising to reward you with hundreds of dollars a week for very little work. They make it sound like survey sites are cash machines that spit out money every week or month for nothing, but it doesn't work like that.

When you find legitimate opportunities to make money from surveys you have to devote some amount of time to filling the surveys out in order to earn the cash. It isn't hard or grueling work, but it is work that needs to be done in order to make the money.

The Facts

The fact is sites that claim making money form surveys is a way to get rich just want your membership fee. They prey on your desire to earn money online or your desperation to find a source of fast income in order to collect that upfront fee. By the time you realize the site is worthless it is too late.

You should never have to pay to make money! Taking paid surveys is a very real opportunity that could give you the extra income you need to live comfortably, but it isn't free money that will drop into your lap if you just pay some membership fee to a website.

Seek out opportunities for making money online which pay you, rather than expecting you to pay them first.

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