Paid Surveys: What You Wish You Had Known Before You Started

I have been taking paid surveys for a long time now and I am not surprised that many people are getting into this work at home alternative. For one, taking paid surveys really does let you earn a decent supplementary income without leaving the comfort of your home. Even retirees, people out of work, and students can earn extra money! I, myself, am a stay-at-home mom and I earn a very nice extra monthly income for my family doing this.

Everyone has the opportunity to take advantage of paid surveys. Nothing special is required. You do not have to invest a single cent to start earning. If you've looked around a bit, you've found sites that want to charge you $34.95 or more for a list of companies that pay you for taking surveys. Please do not pay them. If you do, you're just contributing to the insanity. These sites are just trying to get your money. Market Research companies (the survey companies that pay you) never meant for you to have to pay for access to their paid surveys. It doesn't cost anything to register for taking surveys at the Market Research companies. Taking paid surveys is FREE!

The only problem is: where do you find the list of paid survey companies without having to pay for it? Thankfully, there are people out there who give away the list for free. Two sites I like are and

Now, while taking surveys at home does require an investment of time, the beauty of it is that it's YOUR time. You can fill out surveys in middle of the night or during naptime or when you're at the coffee shop or whenever you want to. You just have to set aside sometime to complete the surveys sent to you and give your honest opinions about the product or service in question. If you put in a little time and effort each day, you might be surprised to find that you're earning $500 to $2000 a month!

Now, if you want to earn more money, I'm going to share some tips for you to maximize your potential in taking paid surveys.

Sign up, sign up, and sign up: If you want to earn a substantial income from this, you have to sign up with as many paid survey sites as possible. I would suggest you register for at least 10 to 15at minimum. If you want to earn more, you just devote more time to answering the surveys. Time is all you need since legitimate paid survey sites are always free to join.

  1. A little known secret: if you find that initially the survey companies only send you $3 or $5 surveys, stick with it. They're just testing you out. If you're faithful to fill out the small surveys, they find that you are a serious survey taker and start sending you the higher paying surveys. Too many survey takers drop out before they get to the serious money and it's primarily because they don't know this little "secret."
  2. Provide your accurate and complete profile: Be sure that you give your complete profile whenever you sign up at each survey site. These companies use your profile to determine which surveys to send you. Your profile contains your demographic, your interests, hobbies, buying habits, etc. so tell them everything you can. You get more surveys that way.
  3. A separate email address is recommended: It is a lot easier to monitor all the paid surveys sent out to you if you have an email id that is solely for your paid surveys. In addition, having a separate address will keep you from checking and answering personal mails when you respond to paid surveys.
  4. Answer paid surveys everyday: You have to designate some time answering paid surveys each day. This is because the highest paying surveys are closed within hours of opening. You don't want to miss out on those surveys. So you have to check your mail and reply to those surveys everyday.

So there you go. You just have to follow these tips and I assure you that you will find it easy to earn money by taking paid surveys at home.

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