Surveys For Cash: A Legitimate Opportunity?

by John Singleton

Many people on the internet today have seen the advertisements for information on starting a home business. Taking surveys from the comfort of your home is one type of money making opportunity that is often targeted to those who wish to work from home. Can you make decent money taking surveys from home? The answer is a bit surprising.

One way to get involved in taking surveys for income is to check out the internet for sites that feature a list of surveys from various companies. Some of these sites charge a membership fee to access their list. Although many claim that these lists have exclusive surveys not found on other sites, others say that paying a membership fee is a rip-off.

Many websites feature free listings of companies needing surveys. In many cases, the listings on these sites are identical to the ones that charge a membership fee. However, you will need to register on the sites and provide basic information in order to actually get paid. Once you find a site you are comfortable with, you can begin taking surveys for cash.

The surveys offered on both of these sites come from various companies needing research to be completed. The questions may focus on a product, a service, or even a business idea. The surveys available to you may also vary based on your age, gender, or lifestyle because many of the surveys are aimed at certain demographics.

Now, you may be asking yourself: Can I really make a lot of money taking surveys on the Internet? Some sites claim you can make up to $150 a day doing this. the truth is that although this amount may be possible occasionally, it is simply unrealistic on a daily basis. Most of the surveys on these sites pay less than a dollar per survey. Some do pay more, but you are only able to take most surveys one time. Sorry, but making $150 a day every day is not realistic.

These surveys do allow you to make some extra income though. In most cases, you can receive payment for your services after you have a certain amount in your account. The method in which you are paid varies, but most places will send you a check or deposit the earnings into a deposit or checking account.

When you sign up with the survey companies to take surveys, be sure to indicate that you are also willing to do Focus Groups. A Focus Group is where you come together with several other people and try out a new vacuum cleaner, or a new potato chip or watch a TV commercial, and then give your opinions. These are usually about an hour and a half of "work" and pay anywhere from $75 to $125 for your time. Do one of these a week and you can make a pretty decent supplementary income even if you don't want to take surveys at home.

When trying to find a survey site or any site featuring legitimate work from home businesses, you will come across many websites that are simply scams trying to take your money. Be wary of any internet site that offers the chance to make lots of money in a short period of time. Also, avoid schemes where you pay a large amount of money up front to access information.

Taking paid surveys and attending Focus Groups can help you earn some extra income from home. You will probably not make enough money to make a living, but you can earn some extra cash to supplement your steady income. Just remember to avoid scams when deciding on a survey website.

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