Taking Paid Surveys: A Beginner's Manual

Earning money from paid surveys has become one of the most popular money-making alternatives for people today. For one, no investment is required for you to earn money unlike any other money-making opportunities. And you do not have to possess any educational degree, special skills, or expertise! Everyone has the opportunity to earn money taking surveys.

I have been taking paid surveys at home for more than two years, and I can say that more and more people are gaining interest in answering paid surveys to earn money. So for the newbies out there, I created this article to guide you through the world of paid surveys. Just follow these steps and it will be a positive experience for you.

  1. Do some research. You can Google "free online surveys" and you'll find hundreds of results. Visit a couple of sites, and then try to identify which ones are scams. You can easily spot the fraud sites when they ask you to pay or provide your credit card information. You can even read some reviews of the sites that you like on forums and review sites.
  2. Sign up for legitimate paid survey sites. More surveys mean more money to earn, so I recommend that you sign up with at least 10 to 15paid survey sites using an email address that is exclusively for your surveys. Do not sign up with sites that ask you to pay money. An example of the list of legitimate paid survey sites can be found on the web.
  3. Complete your profile. You will be required to provide your profile; this includes your address, birthday, as well as lifestyle questions like your hobbies, buying habits, etc. Your complete profile is necessary so that the company will know what surveys suit you. Unless you provide your complete profile, you won't receive many surveys from these sites.
  4. Take surveys everyday! Allot an hour or so each day to answer your surveys if you can. Most of the surveys that will be sent to you expire within a short span of time, so you should not miss them out. The high paying ones can go fast, so when you see the new ones and you like them, do them soon. If you're a bit busy, then you should know how to prioritize your surveys. Those surveys that pay the most and in cash obviously the ones that goes the fastest.
  5. Answer your surveys seriously. Perseverance and patience is the key to your success here. You should be answering surveys regularly so that the paid survey sites will see that you are taking their surveys seriously. You might get lower paying survey initially. Just be patient. They're testing you out to see if you are serious. Fill out enough low-paying surveys and the big ones eventually come. It could take a month or so but they're very nice when they come. Just last week, I completed a 45 minute phone survey for $75..

It's a nice gig, taking surveys for money at home. Just remember to be consistent and don't give up too early. And be responsible in your answers. The survey companies can tell when you're just speeding through a survey to get paid.

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