The Truth Behind Survey Panel

Here is a site that almost had me deceived. When I visited, I thought that it's just another survey site. Good thing I checked out their Privacy Policy page and found out that is more likely to be an email harvesting site! Here's a portion of their Privacy Policy:

Now, is a legitimate paid survey/market research company? I don't think so. It is because a legitimate market research company: (1) always protects members' privacy; (2) will not send any kind of advertising, promotions and offers to survey panel member; and (3) will never share member's personal information with ANY third partners.

Instead you will probably receive a ton of "offers" in your email inbox that nobody wants or needs. The truth is, you really can make money taking surveys from home. You don't have to sign up at spam sites to do this. Survey Money Machines offers a legitimate list of paying survey sites and we will never spam you.

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