Vindale Research - SCAM

I have been receiving questions about So I have provided this space to answer the most common questions they are asking. Here are the most common questions that people are asking and my answers:

Is Vindale Research a Paid Survey Site?

Here's the thing: Upon visiting the website, I thought it is a paid survey site until I sign up and went through the "Accelerated Training Tutorial" which will provide a $5 credit in your account. This isn't actually a survey; it is a part of a process that leads you to a free 30-day trial of eFax. And apparently, the "survey" is sent to you as a follow-up.

From what I've experienced, it is NOT a paid survey site. Vindale Research is actually a Paid To Do Offers Site. Basically, you will get paid for signing up for offers (and you always end up paying more than you make).

Is there any payout requirement for Vindale Research?

YES. Their payout requirement is $50. So you have to accumulate $50 to get your payment request. I got suspicious with this part because most legitimate market research companies have a very low payout requirement, or even none!

Is Vindale Research legitimate?

One instance that I've encountered here is that I was asked to provide my credit card information to evaluate and do their so-called surveys. So I must say that Vindale Research is NOT a legitimate site! Real and legitimate paid survey site do not ask your credit card information or ask you to pay for anything that you are supposed to evaluate and give your opinion. It is always free of charge.

Should I sign up with Vindale Research?

It's up to you. You might even experience worse consequences than I did if you go further that I did. I saw enough to get out early.

Is it a scam?

Well, based on my observations, it's not really a paid survey site, but a "paid to fill out offers"" site. If that's not what you were looking for, don't sign up.

So don't be fooled by Vindale Research. If you want to be a part of a real and legitimate paid survey site, go to Survey Money Machines . I highly recommend that one!

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