"Which Paid Survey Companies Really Pay?"

I have been taking surveys for money for years now. And in that span of time, I can say that I have joined pretty much all paid survey companies out there. It's true, there are some companies that are just scams, I was once also a victim. But there are still dependable companies that pay you fairly for your efforts.

Listed below are the reliable paid survey companies that I have found and participated with. I have also included my personal experiences with these companies. Let me share them with you.


Lightspeed International has been around for a long time. Lightspeed sends out surveys regularly. They pay in three ways: check, Paypal, and gifts or merchandise. One good thing about this company is that they give you credit for surveys even if your particular set of circumstances do not satisfy the whole survey. Hispanic survey takers are also encouraged to join; they have a panel especially for you, here's the link.


My Survey is definitely my favorite. They just get everything right. They let you earn points that can easily be converted into cash. Or you can just simply cash out for their product, they have a wide array of nice products you can cash out for too. And as a matter of fact, I just cashed out $25 earlier today. They pay by check every couple of weeks or so. I must say that this is one of the best; I've made a lot with them up to now.


This one is another one of my favorites. This is how their new system works: There is a corresponding point for every survey you complete. These points can be converted into cash which is then sent to you by check. In addition to that, you will also have the chance to win sweeps for every survey you complete. And the sweepstakes are very generous. The surveys from Synovate are very short, it usually only takes 5-10 minutes to complete them.


"Make your voice heard. Join NPD Research and tell us what you buy (and why)." This is their way to attract survey takers. I have recently joined them and they must have a lot of clients because they are very generous in giving out surveys (and paying for them)!


Ipsos used to be a sweepstakes site only, but now they PAY. The surveys give a fairly generous point value, and they convert every 50 points to $5 cash. In addition, they carry out very good product tests. They pay through check and as for their test products, they've never asked me to send one back. I've been able to keep them all.


Their surveys come very often and they give out points generously per survey. You can cash those points out once you have accumulated 1,000 points. This is equivalent to $50. The nice thing about them is that they are generous in giving points even if you don't qualify for particular surveys because of your demographic. Each point is approximately 25 cents, and getting to 2,000 points isn't difficult, and that's $100 cash! International members are also encouraged to take surveys, so if you are not from the USA, visit the link here and click to the left of your country's link.


Survey Spot acts quickly, they send out survey after survey and from what I've seen about half of their surveys pay cash and the other half is for sweepstakes. I have heard from several people who win the sweepstakes for either cash or prizes, but unfortunately, I haven't won any sweeps yet. I have been paid for the paying ones though. Here's a nice little secret: if you do the sweepstakes-only surveys, that usually opens the door to higher paying surveys because they now know you're a serious survey-taker. They recently switched over to a new system that lets you earn points that you can cash out as Paypal money.


This site is very active when it comes to sending you surveys. They pay out in points, and I must say that they are generous. Zoom Panel automatically gives you an initial 50 points just for signing up! I have used these points to cash out for merchandise like electronics, iPod accessories, and other cool gadgets. You can also cash out for gift certificates.


This is a well-known company among survey takers. Opinion Outpost has very interesting surveys with equivalent survey points that are easily converted into cash. You can receive your check within a couple of days after your request. As of the moment, they are accepting survey takers from the United States and Canada.


Their surveys are really good and unlike other companies, Valued Opinions allow you to cash out when your account reaches $20. As for me, it took me about a month to reach that point, but I only responded to a few of their surveys.


This site offers short surveys that usually take 1-3 minutes to finish. You are paid within four weeks after completing the survey. They automatically mail the checks so you don't have to worry about requesting your payment. In addition, they frequently do quick surveys for sweepstakes that pay out from $10 to $100. American Consumer Opinion Panel encourages international members to join as well.


This is really different from the other ones. They send you a little scanner and all you do is scan the UPC codes of the products you purchase. It takes me about 3 or 4 minutes to do my whole grocery load. They pay out gift cards, products, and cash. Basically, you will earn more if you are an active scanner. Some people I talk to don't like this one, but most people love it. The only problem is that they close membership to this often. Last time I checked, it was closed. You can check here to see if it's open now.


Greenfield sends lots of surveys. They have also readily available surveys on their site to take pretty much any time you log in. And although the payment may take a while to be received, it does come around. Their payments are by check only.


This is a survey panel that lets you earn in three ways: payment, sweeps, or products. I took some of their surveys and I was paid in a timely manner.

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