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Spot The Scam

Spot the Scam, Avoid the Fraud, and Earn Money through Paid Surveys!

With the increase of paid survey companies that are promoted on the Internet today, it is really a tough job for survey newbies to identify which ones are really legitimate and which ones are just scams. The following steps will guide you to easily spot fraudulent survey companies so that you can avoid them:

  1. MEMBERSHIP FEE. You should never ever pay! Legitimate paid survey sites are always free to join; they do not require a membership fee for you to take paid surveys. So if anyone asks you money, or your credit card information, you better back off!
  2. SIGNING UP. One fact about fraudulent paid survey companies is that they usually use an overly simplified registration process. They invite you to sign up, asks only your name and email address and you won't know what's going on until you click the register button. In addition, sites like this don't provide any company information whatsoever. Walk away from sites like this.
  3. PRIVACY POLICY. Check out the company's privacy policy before signing up. This is to make sure that you agree with any policy that they are implementing. Be particular with the way they collect information, they should not reveal nor sell your personal information to any third party. In cases where they do not present any privacy policy, don't even think of joining them.
  4. PAID SURVEY vs. GET PAID SIGN UP OFFERS. Many people are confused between the two. Get paid sign up offer sites are not the same with paid survey sites! While the former pays you for taking surveys, the latter pays you for signing up to them for free trials. Another big difference is that Get paid sign up offer sites sometimes asks for your credit card information.
  5. PROMOTION OF KNOWN SPAM. You should avoid being involved with sites that are promoting known scam survey sites. Usually these sites are promoting anything just to get a commission. One example is Panda Research who claims that they have a huge list of paid survey sites that you can join to. The credibility of these sites is questionable.
  6. INSTINCTS. I'm sure you are familiar with this: You instantly feel that there's something not right about a site you visited, and it looks like it's a scam. Well, you should always trust that gut feeling -it's probably right!
  7. MAKE SOME RESEARCH. You might want to do some research first before signing up to a certain paid survey site. You can Google the name of the site, and you might be surprised to see an article listed among the top results saying that it's a scam.
  8. GIVING OUT INFORMATION. The most important thing you want to consider is that you should never provide any sensitive personal information to anyone. Information about your credit cards, bank accounts, and licenses should not be revealed to these sites. I have never encountered any legitimate paid survey site that requires me to provide these information to get paid.
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